Choosing Your Student Accommodation

How to choose student accommodation

If you are moving away from home as a student and you are unable to secure accommodation in the halls of residence, then you will of course need to look around for suitable accommodation for you to stay in whilst you are away from home. While living in residence can be an incredible experience, you may find that the prices are much higher.

In fact, locating the right type of accommodation can be one of the most stressful times for a student before they have even left home. You may be best off looking for a house or flat share with other students for they do tend to be the most readily available accommodation for rent near to most universities and colleges.

As such we would suggest you take a look through the following guide which you could use as a sort of checklist and compare the things on this list with those that you find being offered to you by any house share or flat share you do find available.

Just remember that you are not alone in your search for student accommodation and there will be thousands of fellow students all in the same position as you, and fortunately there is often more than enough accommodation available in most areas, so never pick the first place you come across and shop around!

Local Area – You should always pay attention to the local area where you are viewing properties for you will want to feel safe when you venture out and will also want to be in easy reach of the place you are studying. Plus, you will also want to be in easy reach of things such as shops, pubs clubs and cafes too!

Bills and Charges – One thing that will certainly need looking into is how the bills will be divided by all of the people staying where you are staying, and ideally you should have your own personal meter box for things such as electricity and or your gas or water supplies.

By having your own personal meter or some type of deal where you will only have to pay a set amount each week or month that will ensure you can budget for those bills and will not be at the mercy of other people using up more than their share of the power supplies and landing you and others with a larger share of the bill!

Internet and TV – You should also find out whether your property has use of the internet and if it is included in the rent you pay and also investigate whether the property is covered by a TV license, for if not then those additional costs of getting an internet connection and a TV license do need to be factored into your budget.

Security – You will want to be 100% safe and secure in your student accommodation not only when you are in it but when you go out of that accommodation too. Ensure the doors and windows can be locked securely and ideally look for somewhere that has a good alarm system installed.

Also you need to ensure that everyone else who is sharing the property you are staying at is always aware of security issues and matters and is all working along the same paths in regards to keeping that property as secure as is possible.

Deposits and Bonds – You are highly likely going to have to pay some form of deposit and or bond to secure any type of student accommodation and if you are dealing with a landlord directly or a lettings agency then you should ensure those deposits and bonds are paid into a segregated account as per current legal regulations demand.

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