Cutting Back on Your Energy Usage

Saving money on energy

The cost of energy always seems to be rising, and even when the wholesale price of energy starts to drop on the international energy markets those savings are rarely passed onto consumers at the same time as they drop on those markets.

With that in mind you may be worrying about the ever rising cost of your energy and make be looking as simple ways that you can reduce those costs, by implementing a range of ideas and schemes in your own home that you and your family members can stick to!

If that is the case then as part of our ever growing range of valuable and informative articles and blog posts in this one we are going to be looking at ways that you can reduce the amount of energy you use, without having to spend anything doing so.

So please do read on and try and put as many of the following tips for saving energy into place as you can, for you will not to want to see more and more of you hard earned money literally going up in smoke which will happen if you do not make a few cutbacks here and there!

Lighting – Low energy light bulbs are now the norm and you are going to be able to buy them from most stores and supermarkets, also being long life light bulbs you will find they do last much longer than the older styled light bulbs and naturally they will use up less electricity too.

Heating – The easiest way that you can lower the amount of energy you use heating you home can be achieved by simply turning down the heating a degree or two or making use of the heating timer.

It is of course pointless having the heating on in your home 24 hours a day if you are not at home every single hour of the day and night!

Insulation – There are lots of different ways that you can insulted your home in cost effective ways, and there are plenty of grants that you can claim and make use of for that very purpose.

So do look up what grants are available to you for insulating your home as a lot of them go unclaimed by householders each year and on your home is fully insulated the amount of energy you will use heating your home will dramatically and very noticeably be reduced.

Appliances – When you switch any type of appliance into the standby mode that appliance can often still be using energy and as such you and everyone that you live with should get not the habit off pulling the plug out of the main socket when they have finished using that appliance, as that will ensure no additional power is being used to keep that device in its standby mode.

Water Usage – Cutting down on your water bill if you have a water meter fitted is something else that you should also consider, and the most obvious way you can achieve a reduction in your water usage is to have more showers than baths!

Also consider collecting rain water via a water collecting device which are relatively cheap too purchase or you could make your own, that will give you a ready supply of water if you are a keen gardener who likes to water the lawn or plants a lot.

One novel way of using less water if you have an older styled toilet will be to put a house brick in the system as that will men each time the toilet is flushed less water will then be used to fill it back up!

For more information on energy usage, please see the official Scottish government website and UK website.

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