Using Apps as Study Tools

There is a huge and ever-growing number of Apps that you can download using any mobile device which are vital as study tools. Whether you are trying to budget and manage your time, organize your emails and correspondence, manage a team, or even work on your own budget, there is an app for you.

The first step to finding the perfect app for you is to find out what you are lacking in your personal study habits. Are you someone who is good at planning, but gets bogged down in the details once you get started? Or are you someone who is great once they get going, but always miss out on those little details and end up wasting time having to go back and check over your work?

With these concerns in mind, our team has put together a comprehensive list of the best types of apps for managing your study habits from start to finish. We even have some apps to help you in your broader day to day life, including budgeting and news.

Choosing the best apps for students

Task Management App

It doesn’t matter how organized you are, you can benefit from a task management app. Our team has tested multiple apps and found that there is one stand-out organizer that outclasses the competition. The app  is simply the best organization tool on the market. With both free and premium versions, you will be sure to find the correct option for you. The app is intuitive and highly responsive. Simply input the tasks that you need to perform, your deadlines, and get up to date notifications to plan your schedule without missing anything.

This app is perfect for those who get totally immersed in the work to the point that everything else seems to be background noise. When you’re up to your neck in projects, it can certainly help to have a reminder of a deadline or due date that might have slipped your mind.

Email Organiser

As a student, you are going to be inundated with emails. Teachers updating you on assignments and class dates, your instituting keeping you up to date with the current affairs, and of course your family wanting to know how you are doing at school!

It can get overwhelming, fast. Luckily, email organizers can be a boon. Unfortunately, the previous best email organizer, Mailbox apps, shut down on February 26, 2016. A very good substitute is Blue Mail. Especially if you manage multiple work, study, and personal emails, this app is vital to keeping ahead of the hundreds of emails you will get as a student.

Drops Box Apps

Keeping your files and course work in one safe place is something that you seriously do need to consider, for imagine what would happen if you were to misplace, lose or even get your coursework or essays stolen. For security and peace of mind, a drop box app is the number one choice.

With so many to choose from, which is the best? We recommended the industry standard drop box app, simply named Dropbox.

Other than security, what does Dropbox give you? It is the perfect way to manage collaborative assignments for the busy student.

News Management App

One app that you may be interested in using is the App. This is an app that is going to allow you to manage any news feeds from various different courses and have them all accessible by that one single app. So if you have several different websites that you tend to visit to keep up to date with any relevant news stories related to the course you are studying then this is certainly an App worth downloading. If asked to speak in class, you will be sure to have up to date info on the relevant topics for your courses.

Reference Books App

One thing that you are going to need access to no matter what subjects you are studying is access to resource material, if you are going to need access to a large range of different reference books then it will pay dividends for you to download the Scribd App, as that App allow you to store the books you are wishing to use in one easy to manage way.

Mathematics App

There are of course lots of different subjects that you may be studying and if one of those subjects is Mathematics then you are going to get lots of benefits of downloading the Mathway App. That app is going to allow you to get a clearer understanding of any mathematical equations and will allow you to search out solutions for algebra, geometry and a wide range of additional maths related queries too.

Cost Planner App

One thing that you are going to have to become something of an expert in is managing your own personal finance and budget as a student, for you will never want to have any money worries when you are studying. You will find that there are quite a number of different cost planner type apps that will help you manage your money perfectly, or at least give you some ideas of how much you should be spending!

Word and Spelling App

One of the very best apps you can download is the Dictionary App from for that App is going to help you make sure any unusual words that you come across or need to use in any of your essays or course work is correctly spelled.

You will also find that App is a valuable resource when you are ensure of the actual meaning or any type of words or phrases that you come across as a student, so make sure that you add it to your every growing list of Apps that you download and make use of regularly!

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