Welcome to the Handsworth Wood blogging site, this entire site is dedicated to education and a range of other related topics. Please feel free to spend as much time looking around as you require, for there are plenty of articles, bog posts and educational guides available.

Our Education Blog

If you do not know where to start then please find below a list of the most frequently visited areas of our site, and they may be a good place to start, but this site is updated regularly and as such we are more than confident you will always find something new that will take your interest.

Adult Education – You are never too old to start studying, and in fact after the recent financial crisis that has affected the whole world there has been a sharp increase in the number of older people who are now signing up to a range of different courses.

What you will find that is you are going to not only be able to sign up to day courses, but there are lots of after hour courses also available, which is ideal if you are still in employment but fancy a change of career.

College Courses – If you want to go to college after leaving school then there are going to be quite a number of them which you can attend, however what you will ned to be aware of is that the actual course on offer at each local college will be quite different.

As soon you are going to have to take a look through our college courses guide if you want to make sense of the college environment and the colleges that are going to be best suited to whatever it is you want to study for, so make that your next port of call on our website is that is the kind of information you are looking for.

Choosing a University – One of the biggest decisions of your student life will be just which university it is you should be signing up to and attending, and you really should start planning which university you fancy attending as early as you can.

There are of course lots of pros and cons in regards to choosing a university and this section of our site will help you make a decision based on several different factors and not just the type of courses you wish to sign up to either.

Course Guides – There are of course a huge number of different courses that you can sign up to as any type of student, however as this list of different courses can grow each year it can be rather confusing in regards to which ones will be best suited to you and your career plans.

With that in mind you are going to be best advised to take a look through some of our course guides, as by doing so you will be able to make sense of just which courses are going to be suited to you and also will find out where those courses are and how to sign up to them too.

Student Help and Support – A problem shared is a problem halved or so the saying goes, and if you are a student and you have any problems that are preying on your mind then help is always going to be at hand at any time of the day or night.


There are a range of different student help and advice groups, individuals and organisations that you contact at any time of the night or day and we have a full listing or some of those that you may be interested in contacting should you have any type of problem what so ever.

Planning Your Study Periods – As a student you are going to want to have a very active lifestyle and it can often be difficult to set aside the time to study and then letting your hair down or simply doing a range of other things that you enjoy doing away from studying.

This part of our website takes a look at several different students, who, whilst all leading very different private lives, have been able to put together a very strict time table of when they study in their own time and when they then do other things, so please do read this part of the site and those articles as they will give you plenty of food for thought when you do!